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There are many reasons to be a members of the Orleans Yacht Club, and, as any current member can tell you, membership is an active part of their lives. As a 501(c)7 not-for-profit organization, the Club relies heavily on volunteerism by its members. By participating in the Club's functioning, members have a great sense of ownership in "their" Club.

The Club has four categories of membership: Senior (ages 41 and up), Emeritus (must be 75 years old and have been an OYC member for 10 years), Corinthian (ages 21-40), and Life Membership (OYC membership for 50 years or a Commodore who has been a member for 25 years). Each category is limited to a maximum number of members. This number may fluctuate periodically. Only the Senior and Life Memberships have voting privileges.

A membership of any type represents a married couple or a single individual.

There are two additional membership classes:

Junior memberships are available to those under 21 years of age and are automatic for children participating in the OYC's Junior Sailing Program. Junior OYC members are given priority to become Corinthian members upon attaining the age of 21. Junior members have no voting power and pay no dues.

Racing Associate Membership: Any person 21 years of age or more, who owns or has use of a class sailboat currently raced at the Club or is a crew member. Sponsorship by two (2) current Club members in good standing and approval by the Commodore is required. This membership entitles the Racing Associate to participate in Club sponsored Sunday races, use of the Club facilities during the racing season and participation in Sunday night Fleet 15 cookouts. The annual dues for this Membership is currently $50 per year. Racing Associates have no voting power.


If you are interested in joining the OYC, please contact a current club member for details. Applications for memberships are currently being accepted.

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