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Organization of the OYC

The operation of this not-for-profit (501c7) Club is directed by its five Flag Officers and an Executive Committee along with a small year-round staff.

Flag Officers

The five Flag Officers consist of the Commodore, Vice Commodore, Rear Commodore, Secretary and Treasurer. The Secretary is the Clerk of the corporation. Each Flag Officer is elected annually by the membership; however current policy is that each Flag Officer serves a two year term.

Current Flag Officers

Joe Rinaldi Commodore
John Wheeler Vice Commodore
Steven Kearns Rear Commodore
De Anna Vouvakis Secretary
Rick Knight Treasurer

The Commodore is the “CEO” of the OYC and as such is responsible for overseeing the day to day operations of the Club, subject to limitations imposed by the Executive Committee. He/she is also responsible for enforcing the By-Laws, rules, and regulations of the Club. The Commodore also serves as the President of the Robert Radtke Memorial Fund, Inc.

The Vice Commodore is the second in command of the OYC and assists the Commodore when called upon. The V.C. oversees the Junior Sailing Program. In the Commodore’s absence, the V.C. undertakes the Commodore’s responsibilities. The V.C. also serves as a Director of the Robert Radtke Memorial Fund, Inc.

The Rear Commodore understudies the Commodore and Vice Commodore. The R.C. is the Chair of the Marine Committee and oversees the procurement, usage, and maintenance of Club’s marine related property and facilities (excluding the Junior Sailing Program). The R.C. also serves as a Director of the Robert Radtke Memorial Fund, Inc.

The Secretary is the Clerk of the Corporation and organizes and keeps records of all OYC corporate and Executive Committee meetings. The SEC oversees the general membership information and record keeping. The SEC also serves as the SEC/Clerk of the Robert Radtke Memorial Fund, Inc.

The Treasurer is responsible for overseeing all financial management, planning and investments for the OYC including preparation of operating and capital budgets, providing ongoing control over cash receipts and disbursements and completing any special financial analyses as requested by the Executive Committee. The Treasurer also serves as the Treasurer of the Robert Radtke Memorial Fund, Inc.

Executive Committee

The OYC Executive Committee meets on the 2nd Monday of each month.

The Executive Committee (ExCom), shall have full charge of the management and property of the OYC including committee appointments, upholding OYC rules and regulations, contracts, expenditures, emergency repairs, etc. as noted in the OYC’s Constitution Article V, VI, VI and Article VI.

Current Executive Committee

Joe Rinaldi Commodore
John Wheeler Vice Commodore
Steven Kearns Rear Commodore
De Anna Vouvakis Secretary
Rick Knight Treasurer
Ben Wigren Corinthian Commodore
Asa Nadeau Corinthian Vice Commodore
Ted Johnson Director
Martin Lucenti Director
William Crosley Director
Beth Klein Immediate Past Commodore
Art Hanrahan Membership Committee Chair
Bob Yaps House Committee Co-Chair
Mark Adorney House Committee Co-Chair
Jenn Allard Entertainment Co-Chair
Meghan Kelleher Entertainment Co-Chair
Barry Alper Race Committee Co-Chair
Lydia Hopkins Race Committee Co-Chair

Executive Committee Award

This is awarded to a member, or person of a member’s family, who has made the greatest contribution to the Club during the year. Such outstanding contributions may be in terms of sportsmanship, yachting, leadership, service rendered or general promotion beneficial to the Club. The award is made only when there has been some truly outstanding contribution by one or more of the members, or person of a member’s family, and is made by the decision of at least 75 percent of the current Executive Committee. The award was originally presented to the Orleans Yacht Club on January 20, 1968 by W. Rodney Huber and Malcolm M. Dickinson.

Executive Committee Award Winners

Marston E. Daley 1967 David W. Crary 1989
William B. Moore 1968 Robert F. Mark 1989
Clifford W. Stowe 1969 Project Phoenix 1992
Fritz C. Haubner, Jr. 1970 J. Stewart Broatch 1992
Philip A. Deschamps 1971 Adrian Norcross 1993
Jean W. Putnam 1972 Carole Katz 1994
W. Rodney Huber 1973 Sandy & Charlie Jordan 1997
Lorraine Somerville 1975 Karl F. Fehrle 1999
George P. Norgeot 1976 Charles O. Thompson, Jr. 2003
Kenelm N. Collins 1977 Mary McCarthy 2005
Leroy K. Behr 1978 Howard H. Kucks, Jr. 2006
Lew & Agnes Delano 1979 Kenneth D. Alman 2007
Truman Henson 1983 Kip & Jean Snow 2008
David A. Schofield 1984 Thomas W. Finan 2009
Albert E. Welch, Jr. 1985 Robert Royce 2011
William B. Moore 1986 Marine Committee 2014
    R. Stephen Downs 2017
    Charlie Thompson 2018
    Pete Clark 2019

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