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Standing Committees

The OYC depends heavily on volunteerism by its membership; the members below have stepped into the leadership positions for the various Club committees as described:

Executive Committee

Senior Member: requires election or appointment
The Executive Committee (ExComm) shall have full charge of the management and property of the OYC including committee appointments, upholding OYC rules and regulations, contracts, expenditures, emergency repairs, etc. as noted in the OYC’s Constitution Article V, VI, VI and Article VI. For the current ExComm, click here. The Executive Committee also includes Corinthian representatives.

Nominating Committee

The Nominating Committee consists of three (3) Senior members; one appointed by the Executive Committee, one elected at the Annual Meeting of the OYC membership and the immediate Past Commodore, who acts as Chairman. This committee solicits, interviews and nominates candidates for the election of Club Officers, Director(s) of the Executive Committee, Member of the Nominating Committee, and Member of the Membership Committee; it then presents this slate of candidates at the Annual Meeting for membership approval.

Membership Committee

Under the direction of the Membership Chair

The Membership Committee oversees the developing, executing and updating an action plan to conduct Membership efforts that support the goals of the OYC including recruitment activities and membership retention activities. The Membership Committee is composed of three (3) Senior members serving three year staggered terms with one new member elected annually. The Membership Committee, accompanied by a member of the Executive Committee, interviews those seeking membership in the OYC and then present their recommendations in writing to the Executive Committee. For more Membership information, please click here.

Marine Committee(s)

Under the direction of the Rear Commodore
Team Leaders assist the Rear Commodore with the maintenance, replacement, and scheduling of OYC waterfront, powerboats, sailboats, docks/floats & rafts, mooring field, trailers/dollies, boat painting, and marine related grounds.

House Committee & Grounds and Building Committee(s)

Under the direction of the House Committee Co-Chair(s)
The House Committee is in charge of the Clubhouse and grounds and determines and coordinates the many smaller committees that assist with the general upkeep of Club including lawn care, flower beds, maintaining the parking lot, etc. These smaller committees may be involved with minor carpentry, painting, etc. as needed.

Race Committee

Under the direction of the Race Committee Co-Chairs
This committee oversees the DaySailer Fleet 15 Sunday afternoon races and helps set the race course, signals the start and finish of the races, mans the Committee Boat and/or Chase/Safety Boats, sets/removes racing buoys, and shadows the fleet to aid sailors as needed.

Friday Night Coordinators & Friday Night Cocktail Hosts

Under the direction of the Friday Night Coordinators
The Friday Night Coordinators oversee member volunteer "hosts" who ready the Clubhouse, decorate the hors d'oeuvre tables, and rinse off serving-ware for the weekly Friday Night Cocktail parties.

Entertainment Committee & Social Events Committee(s)

Event Committees are under the direction of the Entertainment Committee Co-Chair(s)
The Entertainment Committee is in charge of all matters relating to the social features of the Club and arranges regular and special entertainments. It has the authority to organize/appoint Social Events Committees (generally made up of 6-8 couples) who then conduct these events, cordinate the event planning, decoration, set-up, service, and clean-up; couples usually volunteer together to be part of the Social Committees.

Volunteer Coordinators

The OYC Volunteer Coordinators provide to the various Committee Chair(s) a list of members whose indicated volunteer preferences match the needs of the committee. This information is taken from the Interest Survey and interview completed during the member's application process.

Auditing Committee

The Auditing Committee consists of a Certified Public Accountant and one of the Club's Executive Committee Directors who annually audit the books and accounts of the Secretary and Treasurer and all other financial statements made to, or in behalf of, the Club as well as any standing inventories. Their findings are reported at the Annual Meeting of the Club and to the Executive Committee at its request.

Caring Friends Committee

This committee of one maintains communications with members who may be recovering from long, or short-time, illness, injury, bereavements, etc. and extends the Club's sympathies as needed.

Chandlery Committee

This committee organizes and runs the Club's Chandlery (branded goods) including opening the "store" once a month, ordering, etc.

Executive Committee Click here for current ExComm
Membership Committee Jane Hanson (Chair)
  Art Hanrahan
  Steve Santas
Marine Committee Team Leaders  
Marine - Docks Chuck Hanson
Marine - Sail Boats Steve Downs, Past Commodore
Marine - Power Boat Lead Bill Lamb
Marine - Moorings Jeff Speigel
Marine - Trailers & Dollies Chris Barry
Caring Friends Marty Williams
Volunteer Coord. Anne Hanyen
Friday Night Coordinators Keith & Linda Finkral
Tent Committee Asa Nadeau
Chandlery Dennis & Sheri Guiver
  Will & Teri Babetski
Nominating Steve Tenczar, Past Commodore
  Marcy Ericson
  Brian Condon
Auditing George Malloy

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