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Visit the OYC DS Fleet 15 website: http://fleet15dsa.org/

The OYC has always included active adult and junior sailing programs. During the early years of the Club, the adults sailed Town Class boats and the juniors sailed Beetle Cats, Widgeons, and Turnabouts. Now the current adult OYC racing class is the O'Day 17' DaySailer (click here for junior sailing information).

The current adult OYC racing is the Daysailer class as defined by the DaySailer Association. The original and longest production run was with O'Day DaySailer I 1957-1972 and O'Day DaySailer II 1971-1984. The O'Day Daysailer III made from 1985-1990 does not meet class rules and cannot be raced in this class. The Daysailer I design has been made by a half dozen other companies over time and is currently being made by Cape Cod Shipbuilding.

The OYC's racing group, designated as Day Sailer Fleet 15, is involved in intra-club racing and is a member fleet of the DaySailer Association. The races are a friendly competition, with the emphasis on friendship and good sportsmanship.

OYC Racing Associate Membership: Any person 21 years of age or more, who owns or has use of a class sailboat currently raced at the Club or is a crew member, may apply for a Racing Associate membership when sponsored by two (2) Club members in good standing. This membership entitles the Racing Associate to participate in Club sponsored Sunday races, use of the Club facilities during the racing season and participation in Sunday night Fleet 15 cookouts. The annual dues for a Racing Associate membership is currently $50 per year. OYC Corinthian Members and OYC Senior Members may participate in Fleet 15 events for no fee. Racing Associates have no voting power.

Day Sailer Fleet 15 Web Page: Fleet 15 now has an independent web site (http://fleet15dsa.org/) regularly updated with volunteer schedules and race results.

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